Making Educated Decisions

At Four Pillars Investment Management, we see ourselves as educators. It’s your money and your financial options – we're here to teach you strategies for building wealth​. So, we prefer to work with people who seek to understand and grow their finances. We also believe in empowering you with knowledge so you fully understand what you own and why you own it.

Our approach includes:

  • Discussing the financial planning process – we use a lot of analogies to help you understand

  • Helping you gain confidence – it's not as hard as it seems when you understand how the process works

  • Meeting with you every 3-4 months to review your plan and track your progress​

  • Available for you to call us when you have questions or want to discuss your account

Maintaining Our Independence

Four Pillars Investment Management is an independent firm, which means we’re not tied to any particular family of funds or investment products, so we always find solutions based on your particular needs.

For added support, we’ve partnered with Commonwealth Financial Network. Although you may not be familiar with the name, Commonwealth enjoys a stellar reputation among financial advisors. Since 1979, Commonwealth has been delivering the tools and services advisors need to do what’s best for our clients. Commonwealth supports more than 2,000 independent financial advisors like us, who, in turn, serve nearly 400,000 individuals and families.

Commonwealth Overview:

  • 100% management owned with $232.5 B assets under management1

  • Aligned with Fidelity InstitutionalSM 2 that provides clearing, custody, and other brokerage services

  • Uses National Financial Services LLC (NFS), a Fidelity broker/dealer, who is an industry leader that processes every trade, statement, report, and myriad other transactions. Commonwealth and NFS are members of the SIPC, a federal nonprofit corporation that protects customer assets in the unlikely event that a member Registered Investment Adviser–broker/dealer should fail to meet its financial obligations. Coverage does not protect against a decline in the market value of securities.​

  • Committed to maintaining a Best Place to Work environment—recognized over 40 times by leading publications, including the Boston Globe, Boston Business Journal, San Diego Business Journal, San Diego Union-Tribune, and Computerworld

Learn More About Commonwealth 

1As of December 31, 2020
2Fidelity Investments and National Financial Services LLC (NFS) (together "Fidelity") is an independent company, unaffiliated with Commonwealth Financial Network (Commonwealth). Fidelity is a service provider to Commonwealth. There is no form of legal partnership, agency affiliation, or similar relationship between your financial advisor and Fidelity Investments, nor is such a relationship created or implied by the information herein. Fidelity Investments is a registered service mark of FMR LLC. Fidelity InstitutionalSM provides clearing, custody, or other brokerage services through National Financial Services LLC or Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC, Members NYSE, SIPC. 807841.3.0.